Onward to Grand Cayman Island, November 2015

the weatherman says we have a good sailing window for traveling north so we go in to town on Providencia and spend our last 30,ooo pesos. Don’t be too impressed as that is about $10 inUSD. 

Grand Cayman is about 350 miles almost straight north but shallows and banks riddle this region. Probably not too shallow for us to sail over but we go around the shallowest stuff. It adds some distance but safety first.

Fishing on this trip was great. We caught 2 mahi mahi, 1 jack and 1 bonito using only the pole! Fishing provides entertainment as well as food.  Perfect size catches for the two of us and still package up some for the freezer!


The wind was easterly the whole way meaning we had the sails in making it a bit bumpy but fast enough. The 1-1.5 knots of current helped us too.  We knew that arriving one Sunday would involve overtime charges with officialdom so we jogged along to time our arrival for daylight monday morning. When we called Port Security  to announce our arrival, we were informed that today is a holiday and OT charges are in effect.  Thankfully,they allowed us to take a mooring and “remain under the Quarantine flag” until Tuesday morning.  We were grateful for a day of rest,cleaning up the boat and enjoying sunset complete with a gin and tonic.  Our view ahead and behind the boat at our mooring. 


   Tuesday morning at 0830 we are escorted to checking in dock to officially clear in to Caymans.


We were boarded by a Customs agent and his dog Nugget who sniffed all around Maraki inside and out looking for undeclared weapons, drugs and other illegal things. But we had no worries and sat back enjoying the activities in the port. We did surrender our speargun and hawaiian sling until we leave. 

Most days have 1 to 5 cruise ships anchored out just behind us so days are busy but by 5pm they are all gone again.

  This big super tanker came in briefly.  AIS states his dimensions as .18nautical mile long, beam as 198 feet and draft as 70 feet.  The island is deep quite near shore so he could come in. 

The harbor authority have installed free mooring in about 30 feet of water just off the town for vessels to use. This is to protect the reefs located all around the island. 

So even though Cayman Islands are more expensive for buying things, we are visiting here for little cost. Once again our folding bikes have allowed us to see the island while providing exercise. We are in harbor with SV FatAnnie from England, Robert and Jill. They have almost the same bikes so we are riding and exploring with them. We rode to Hell and back, about a 5 hour ride. Cycling here is quite easy, flat terrain, a shoulder to ride on and courteous drivers. The island culture is very visitor friendly!

  Robert and Jill in front of Christmas Store as decorating here is Big Business! 
The biggest attraction is Pirate Week and it is this week. They go all out celebrating their pirate heritage. Parades complete with floats and Queens, steel pan music,mock pirate invasion. Lots of great pirate costumes.



   Famous pirates such as Blackbeard and his lady. They are really from NC and have been coming to participate for last 28 years.

Popeye made it too. 

The mock invasion featured a pirate ship named Jolly Roger, defending the island with Redcoats, and sword fights. Very festive 

There were street performances as well. A slack line artist named Alex, gymnastics group, jet ski acrobats and jet boots.


But the best was people watching, especially the kids.

That’s our first week here in Grand Cayman. Likely we will stay til Thanksgiving as we have more exploring, biking and playing here. Then off towards Mexico on the next good weather window. Happy Thanksgiving to all our family and friends. Stay safe and pray for peace in this volatile world.


3 thoughts on “Onward to Grand Cayman Island, November 2015

  1. OK it’s getting that time of year that we are going to start getting very jealous or at least looking very forward to your posts. It smells like snow up here and I am starting to get the itch for warmth and water. Keep your posts coming. We are living through your dreams and explorations! Rick

    • RICK, thanks for the encouragement ! We are enjoying life for sure and feel very blessed that we are able to live a life like this. Happy thanksgiving to you and family! Cheers! Lucy and john

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Lucy! Looks like so much fun! Getting our first snow today but can’t complain cause we’ve had an unusually beautiful fall. Safe travels.
    Sally (Sarah)

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