The Many Sides of Panama City. july 2015

I have never been a fan of big cities but I enjoy a few days wandering in an old city inside a bigger city. Panama City lies on Pacific side of Panama and is large, maybe a million people. But is is a city with lots of color, noises,  smells,  old and new standing side by side and vibrant people of all ages.
Rooftop view from a nearby restaurant to across the bay and modern PC .

The ever present vulture wairing on rooftops for its next meal.

The old mingled with new buildings. There may be 300 years age difference here ( or more)


Young Policeman wander the streets quite leisurely but toting a gun! Right beside the school with kids in uniform. All was harmonious! We ate lunch by the blue umbrella and people watched.

Tides out by the Presidential Building. Ominous looking sky over new town


Balconies, planters, homes, shops, small businesses all together.

Mike has that same shirt, right Mike Knape?  It is the most popular boys shirt in the country.
Kuna Indians from San Blas islands continue to wear their çolorful clothing in the big city



Old churches on central plazas with gold and stain glass windows and this one has a shell adorned tower that glisten in sunlight. Also has a small tree growing out of it. 

Art work on the buildings throughout the city was bizarre, amazing but we did not get what it represented.

We stayed in a hostel/hotel in the old city called the Magnolia Inn which was beautiful. We chose to go into a dorm room for 6 people with 3 sets of bunkbeds. Cost was $13 each per night and other than freezing when someone turned the AC to max, it was great. The hostel is used by many Peace Corp workers so we met lots of interesting young people, many Americans doing interesting things.  We felt safe enough in this part of town but recieved many warnings about where NOT to go.    The hostel provided coffee in the morning and had a kitchen for use by all. It was an old beautiful building with high ceilings, dark old wood aand stone staircase and stone walls. 


We spent a day sightseeing on the Hop On Hop Off bus. It took us to the Panama Canal Mira Flores Lock where we watched ships passing through the locks. You could see off in the distance the construction of the new bigger locks that should be ready for use next year. We went to the Albrook Mall, the largest mall in Panama with so many stores and people. Very modern mall. We toured the ring road out to Flamenco Marina and wandered the new waterfront on a sunday morning. It was so busy with runners, walkers, bikers, families playing together enjoying the well thought out waterfront.  But those pictures are lost for now. 


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