Tobago November 2014 until January 2015


So for those who have never heard of Tobago, it is a the little sister to Trinidad and lies east of Trinidad separated by a 25 mile channel. it is the opposite of Trinidad by being small, beach and water oriented and very clean. It is where the Trinis come to holiday and play in the water. The Tobagonian is a very friendly, hard working and proud person. We have been met with only kindness and genuine willingness to help us love their island and we do love it!

There is one main town called Scarborough which is your typical caribbean town and is the center for government and transportation. We spend only minimal amount of time there.
Tobago lacks really safe and secure harbors for sailboats so the one thing negative about our stay was that we rolled and rocked whenever there was a north swell or anything other…

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4 thoughts on “Tobago November 2014 until January 2015

  1. Lucy, love seeing your blog and fantastic pictures. As it is 10° and blizzard conditions I am visualizing myself on your boat with a beer in one hand and a fishing rod in the other. Take me back to tobago! Are you sure you wouldn’t feel safer with a doctor on board at all times?😍 Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us up in Michigan.

    • Hey RICK, thanks for reading the blog and giving feedback. My family love to read the blog and see what we are seeing. But friends seem to not be bored with it. tobago was great and bonaire was fabulous snorkeling! Have you been there? I will soon be making that post.
      In Columbia now in Santa Marta near Tayrona national park. Next Cartaghena in a few weeks. So much to see and do.
      My sister in law Cindy Knape has asked me to request a favor…..
      In late July a friend of theirs in Germany has a daughter wanting to study medicine and is coming to USA to see how we do medicine. Will you be in GR during last week of July or early August? Would you be willing or able to have her follow you ? I know there are rules and regs to do before but Cindy can help her with this. She has another MD for part of the time so one week would be enough. Let me know what u think of this and if u can help.
      Hope the snow and cold goes away soon or you get to go away. Maraki could always use a resident doc but you would get more posh accommodations on devos or vanandel boat??
      By the way, I used to hear from Don Maine after each blog post but nothing this time. He said he was not doing well?! Say hello to him and tell him I asked after him. (If he is still alive.)
      Hello to all there. Lucy and john

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