Surfing March 2014

The day finally arrived when our son Jim was due to come for a 2 week visit from Puerto Rico. We arranged to meet him at the Green Parrot in downtown Nassau at 7PM. We had a Kalik beer and conch fritters waiting when he arrived sporting his surfboard and one small backpack. Looking very tired but tanned, blond and happy. 20140415-190440.jpg Jim has probably never spent this long with just his parents and no siblings. So this time was going to be spent doing what Jim most wanted to do. Snorkel, surf and relax!

IMG_0364                             OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Next morning we were off (after picking up a new dive mask and fins) to Rose Island only a short distance from Nassau. It did not take long and those two (John and Jim) intrepid hunters found a spiny lobster for the dinner pot. A few hours later they found a slipper lobster too. So we had a delicious dinner and taste tested the two kinds of lobsters. Slipper was slightly sweeter but both great tasting! 20140415-191046.jpg 20140415-191115.jpg 20140415-191421.jpg He tried to get in and surf off of Sandy Cay next door to Rose but decided it was not too good. Our goal was to get to Hatchet Bay Eleuthera and show Jim the place we had been a week earlier for surfing. The trip across the bank to Eleuthera turned into a motorsail but gave us opportunity to get some good Maraki pictures.




We were also hoping to meet up with Meridian(Chad and Drew) and Orial C (Glen and Deb) from our long trip out the Erie Canal and ICW trek.                                                 

Glen and Deb on Orial C


The surfing hotspot was a 3 or so mile hike from the harbor which turned into a hitchhike for them. John and I biked down most days. Hitching is a very normal and acceptable way for folks to get around the island. Only on the weekends did it prove to be slow and not so successful.   Several days in a row the boys spent the bulk of the day at the shore surfing.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                            OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  This is the Surfer Shack where Jim found great local buddies who warmly welcomed visitors to their spot.


View from above to watch the surf in the shade.
The 3 amigos heading for home after a long good day!


Local surfer restaurant sporting awesome knick-knacks.   A cold one on the way home for all!

IMG_0452               IMG_0453

We did go to Hatchet Caves and snorkel in the salt pond as well. The pond was actually quite large and had lots of small seahorses along the mangroves. The caves went in for maybe half mile made of limestone. We made it a one way trip and came out a rope ladder into a field at the other end.


Jim tried fishing and almost gave up thinking there were no fish to be had. But these pictures showed his success.

photo                photo 1       photo 3

We had crab claws for dinner one night (bought from a local fisherman).


John got a spider crab which provided a wonderful dinner. Finally John was able to get a grouper and another lionfish too on his hawaiian sling. We ate very well off the sea ! There was good snorkeling just outside of the harbor and we took some underwater pictures.


Jim was returning to Nassau by Southern Air from Governors Harbor Eleuthera so we rented a car for the day before. That is a story in itself but we did get a Dodge Caravan with 200,000 plus miles on it to sight see the island. We wanted to show Jim the Glass Window which we had seen years before on our return trip to USA in 1998. Jim did not remember it until we got there and then he had some memory of it. It was a great day to be there as the north swell and east wind were up. The glass window is a road over the narrow part of the island with Atlantic on one side and Eleuthera Banks on the other.       IMG_0423                        IMG_0435

This is the Atlantic side crashing onto shore.

20140415-201227.jpg                     20140415-201141.jpg

The bridge crosses north to south and Jim is standing overlooking the banks side where it is calm and serene.  The water rushes under the road and at times of high wind and swell the road may have to be closed.

All too soon is was  time to send Jim back to Puerto Rico. So this post ends with a few family pictures of John, Jim and Lucy.




Next up is the Exumas in the Bahamas.























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