New York City to Sandy Hook- October 14 to October 20

 So I pick up in New York where we left off. Touring NYC by boat from a mooring at 79th st was ideal in many ways. The boat basin itself shows much sign of aging but it has looked this way for years. However the price of $30/night can not be beat and the location is perfect for visiting mid and lower Manhattan. Here is John rowing into the Basin and the moorings are just north of this.  The current really rips during ebb tide(current flowing back to ocean) so timing of our departures and returns to boat were necessary. But we managed to snag the closest mooring ball luckily.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe New Jersey shore is seen in the background here.   OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is the view from the Hudson and the boat basin is under those stone arches in the middle.   Central Park is a 15 minute walk directly in and the bike path runs right along the river here for miles.  The amenities are spartan- one shower and one toilet, a broken washer and dryer but safe dinghy dock and friendly people. What more does one need?


So our bikes rides took us to all the tourist places like Intrepid (aircraft carrier that is now a museum). You too can rent bikes and do this.


There are parks  with sculptures along the bike/walking paths.





Views of One World Trade Center and the Statue of Liberty across the Hudson.

Another mooring area in lower Manhattan.        Farmers markets .

IMGA0937                                   IMGA0965


Kids soccer under the Brooklyn Bridge.

South Street Seaport has fallen on hard times and hopefully will make a comeback.



Beach volleyball. You get the idea though-anything and everything can be seen and done along the route.

Central Park was established in 1853 and provides 800 plus acres of green space, ponds, reservoirs, running /walking/biking trails.



Remote control sailboats sailing in the park. They were filming a movie here and luckily were warned ahead of time(by a few seconds) that a chase scene was coming complete with drawn guns and a police action.  would have been scary if we had not heard and saw this happening.!

Pete Seger’s old boat called the Clearwater sails around up and down the Hudson with school kids on board giving lessons on the health of the river.


We took a day to visit my brother Will and his wife  Elizabeth in Queens which has a very different feel. much quieter and settled. Here is Will and his baby Nigel (a 30 year old Green parrot he has had for many many years).



But despite really enjoying our stay in NYC we needed to keep going south so on October 17th we sailed out for Sandy Hook New Jersey. Again we went with the ebb tide and sped down past Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty.





Under the Verrazano Narrows bridge headed south. Lots of shipping goes through here so a sharp watch must be kept.


For the first time in over 13 years we are sailing Maraki on the Atlantic Ocean again even if it was only about 20 miles .   Sandy Hook was hard hit in Hurricane Sandy and we were not sure what would all be available but we found the place largely rebuilt. We anchored inside the breakwall  at Atlantic Highlands New Jersey to prepare for going out and around the Jersey coast headed for Cape May.



We waited around here for a day because Charlie was coming up to Shrewsbury Sailing and Yacht Club (just 10 miles south of Sandy Hook)  with his school sailing team to compete in the Mid-Atlantic Scholastic Sailing Assoc. regatta for the weekend.  So we met up with him and watched him do his coaching job. Same old pink hat and fuzzy face.





They compete in 420’s and his team consisted of five 10th graders(Homecoming was the same weekend and stole his upperclassmen). There were a total of 18 teams from New York, Maryland , Virginia, New Jersey and Charlie’s team finished 7th. It was fun to watch him and the kids obviously love him.  He was hoping for better but doesn’t every coach?? How about that, Joe O’Brien? Is that true?

Charlie’s schoolbus driver came to pick us up and took this picture on the highest natural point on the seashore from southern Maine to the Yucatan in Mexico. Hard to believe because it is not very tall-only 266 feet! Mt. Mitchell


Early the next morning we were underway at first light to sail out headed for Atantic City and south. The wind and current were  strong  and threw us out of the bay and into  ocean.


So I am getting much faster at this blogging thing and hopefully will catch up to real time soon. We are yet again stuck in a canal (but in a marina with wifi ) as we speak but that is for the next post.  Thanks for all the positive feedback we have received!


5 thoughts on “New York City to Sandy Hook- October 14 to October 20

  1. Fantastic finding you’re waterbourne again. I’m so jealous. It’s amazing that you still have Maraki too. We have photos of Charlie aged 15 winning the sailing comp with Henry cycling on our computer. H is now 15 and a similar size to Charlie was then. Moment in time. Speaking of which you two don’t look a day older. If you need crew/visitors…
    I reckon I could train Ben up (new partner) he’s big and strong and an engineer. He also know’s where his body is so doesn’t crash around in confined spaces.
    I was down in Tasmania in January. There was an awesome 50′ Halberg Rasssey. The kids revolted when I arranged a third viewing of it with the boat broker – I can dream. People here convert to cats. Bobbing around coral anchorages with an enormous cockpit – hard to beat.
    Can’t wait for the next installment.
    Lots of love Ruth

  2. I saw this blog and it’s great that you 2 are off cruising again. Awesome. I’m pretty sure if you were on Mt. Mitchell in NC that it is higher than 266′ Everyone thinks Mt. Washington is higher but Mitchell wins. Smooth sailing and following seas for your adventures. Will look forward to checking back in with you.

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