Maraki has set sail again.

After more than a decade of light seasonal usage Maraki has set sail again bound for the warmer ocean breezes. John retired from his job at Knape Industries and worked harder than ever to update Maraki including a fresh bright red paint job.
Lucy continued to work at Spectrum Health until time to set sail arrived. We set sail from Muskegon Michigan on August 15, 2013 in a light breeze and clear sunny skies.( Very different from 1982 when we set sail from Muskegon Yacht Club in heavy fog and made it as far as White Lake, a few miles up the coast.)

The sail IMGA0068
The wind and weather continued to cooperate with our northward track and we sailed up along the coast getting great views of the coast including Sleeping Bear Dunes under spinnaker and balmy skies. IMGA0064

John practiced with the new electronics he had installed and now we know the names of the ships we see(and don’t see) where they are headed, at what speed and direction and lots more info. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIMGA0180

Michigan has a beautiful coastline and islands like Beaver Island filled with history and this little museum.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

We sailed under the Mackinaw Bridge with the Appledore 4- a Tall ship based out of Bay City Mi.



A special place for all is Mackinaw Island with its horses, houses and more Tall ShipsIMGA0116

IMGA0125 This is the Niagara!

We were to encounter these ships many more times in the coming weeks as they were all headed to Put-in Bay in Ohio for the Re-enactment of the Battle of Lake Erie of 1812. (More to come on that weekend).

Lake Huron cooperated with sending us winds from a more northerly direction to allow us to mostly sail south towards Detroit. We had awesome sunsets and quiet anchorages with few other boaters around. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIMGA0175

Who knew that just outside of Alpena there is an isolated set of islands with a marine preserve and crystal clear water with no one around?
Sailing into Port Huron with its fast current and under the Blue Water Bridge.

After a brief stay in Port Huron to repair a tooth, visit sister Cook and stock up on supplies, we continued down the St Clair river and across Lake St Clair with old sailing ships and new freighters and tug boats. IMGA0196




Detroit showed us her beautiful waterfront view complete with the tall ships Sorlandet and Pride of Baltimore.IMGA0230IMGA0232
This is enough for one day and we will pick up the blog again soon starting with the Detroit River and Lake Erie. Feel free to give advise and feedback as this is our first attempt at blogging and i know there are many expert bloggers out there.


2 thoughts on “Maraki has set sail again.

    • Hey Barbara, not at all sure how you subscribe but i think you just click on the link and find it??? it is truly trial and error. how are you doing? still heading to florida?
      we hope to make florida by christmas but not sure about thanksgiving. we are rather delayed in the erie canal for another week and then should be in the hudson and heading southward. but we have enjoyed the stay in little falls ny and are watching the leaves change daily. lovely place and lovely people. Love you both, lucy

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